Versace dealers in Mumbai

Soft and enveloping shapes, the finest raw materials, timeless colour combinations and the key decorative elements of the maison, such as the Medusa and the Greek fret pattern, produced using the very latest technology.

Versace dealers in Mumbai

Fiandre collection has been created based on the marble quarrying tradition, the history of stone quarries, the influences of mythology and the history of the origins of stones and the ancient origins of amber.

Porcelaingres dealers in Mumbai

Porcelaingres collections are natural materials in terms of both the raw materials used and the particular production technologies which tend to simulate the random aspects of natural formation.

Porcelaingres dealers in Mumbai
Unica dealers in Mumbai
Unica dealers in pune

Unmistakeable stories made in Unica: When a product vibrates with its land and its history, evoking feelings that stand as many little fragments of the same narrative, one cannot help but notice the value of every single component it is made of.

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14oraitaliana was created to give different answers to those looking for alternative aesthetic solutions to traditional ceramics. The products are distinguished by their strong originality and represent an interesting reading and interpretation of contemporary signs.

14oraitaliana dealers in Mumbai