With the traditional technique of glass fusing, VENIS tiles can be used in handicraft furnishing and decorative elements of original Murano Glass , with at the same time a contemporary taste and style that gives a precious and refined touch at the surroundings. The glass paste, available in any of the colors of the Murano glass, is characterized by the inclusion of small air bubbles which, thanks to a patented system, are illuminated by the application of LED light.

The light, trapped into the glass in tiny sparkling drops, offers the dream effect for those who want to surround themselves with fpieced of furniture and design objects of a luminous beauty. The glass is enriched by including precious materials such as gold, silver and Murrinas, that give a final result of elegance and quality, details that characterize us Faithful to any request of creativity, we adapt thicknesses, colors, cuts, punctures and curvatures, in order to make the dream a perfect and seductive reality.