Ideal for residential premises, but also for donating charm to hotels, shops, restaurants. It gives rich & sensual designs for residential & commercial premises


MaTouche, processed with Twin Press technology, is the result of a complex and articulated research that has given life to a compact, transparent and soft ceramic material. MaTouche gives body to surfaces pleasant to caress and is offered in 4 different textures: Cuir, Peau, Eleph and Croco, each with a different materic depth effect and different tactile qualities. Made in large size 60x60, MaTouche is a sensual, warm, elegant, exclusive material, able to create seducing atmospheres in decorating interiors. Available in 4 colours - Charbon, Ivoire, Mou, Tabac - MaTouche transforms spaces in full of charm ambients and makes them upholders of unique sensations.


Le Essenze di Rex (essenze means wood species) has been developed through the exclusive combination of our production resources with the limitless possibilities offered by digital decoration techniques: The result is an incredible accuracy to nature that gives materials an unprecedented depth. “Le Essenze di Rex” integrates and expands the wood-based Rex project without interfering with previous collections. The main difference is that, unlike the case of Abisko and Glam Wood, the aesthetics of the tiles changes radically when choosing among the different colours.

Alabastri Di Rex

Onxy, naturally luxurious, and known as an ornamental stone, can be quite brittle and impractical to use. The newly launched Alabastri range is a full body porcelain tile, which perfectly replicates the exceptional attributes of onyx, and exudes 1970s glamour. The use of cutting edge production and technology ensures the quality of the natural stone is not compromised by this replica. 7 shades with strong aesthetic appeal, and 1 optical white, illuminates this beautiful collection. Samples arriving in store early April 2013! Made in Italy.

A consistent, continual research underpinning the desire to give new life to highly exclusive surfaces. GLI ALABASTRI DI REX enhances the exceptional and infinite attributes of the material, created with cutting-edge production systems that allow the quality of a handmade product to be maintained unaltered. 7 shades with a strong expressive appeal and 1 optical white to illuminate the whole collection – unusual colours that fill the space, taking a starring role.


Horn interprets the rich and sensual veining of the horn. Warm shades, indefinite colours, and slightly satin finished surfaces, luxurious and enveloping atmosphere. Ideal for residential premises, but also for donating charm to hotels, shops, restaurants. The multicoloured and multiformat laying enhances the modularity of the tiles, donating Horn recognisability without comparison, fortified by the veining and chromatic contrasts.