imported granite

Granite is found in upscale and sophisticated residences, palaces and hotels throughout the world due to its texture and lustre. Natural stone provides the look and feel of elegance through a quality and strength that will never be reached by other materials. The variation in each slab, and especially the grain or “movement" in the crystal structure, are part of the charm of buying natural stone. Many people find this flow and blending of colours to be the most compelling reason for using genuine stone for their kitchen worktops.
Granite being a durable material as well as undoubtedly beautiful makes it an ideal product with which to furnish your home. It is stain resistance, heat resistance and scratch resistance making it an excellent choice for a variety of situations within the home from kitchen and bathroom worktops to floors & even garden tables!
Granite has become more popular than ever in the last few years. It is being specified by architects and designers in hotels and in new build developments plus kitchen designers. It’s ever increasing popularity is not only due to its durability but also due to the array of colours and patterns available. The most exciting thing, of course, is the individuality that comes with using a natural stone.